Bruno Landowski

interaction designer


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Biscoto Journal




This website is an answer for those who are looking for a new electronic music tracks to listen to. To do so, the website allows contributors to bring some content to the site every week, by inviting their Facebook friends, but also thanks to pages they like on Facebook. When a contributor is invited, he can add content ( fan page, event, video ) that he likes on Facebook, but he can also bring some information. The interest here is to give a second reading to posts that are too often lost among a huge mass of data on Facebook, while using the most effective evaluation system of this social network : the 'Like' button. The size of element depends on the number of likes : higher the number of likes is, smaller the size of the element is. This allows to show potentially less famous posts.

A mobile version was also created and operates thanks to a simple player that lists the songs added by contributors each week.